At Chaintope we're proud to be a company that is recognised as being honest, flexible and passionate. Leading the way in innovation and customer experience, we strive to create a climate that encourages our people to achieve their best — personally and professionally. We aim to lead, not follow. One of the ways we do this is through an open diverse culture that values performance, where anyone in the team can bring new ideas to the table and see them thrive. Our people are empowered, unique, considerate, supportive, trusting and accepting. We are always looking for good people to join our team. Our people is the secret behind our success, they are our brand and the reason we can, and have, provided businesses with smart business and technology solutions. So it is important for us to ensure that our team feel valued, passionate and inspired. For this reason, we strive to develop a fun workplace that is family oriented, flexible and provides a dynamic team environment.
Chaintope offers attractive salary, a range of benefits, opportunities for growth and a congenial/ transparent working environment.


Chaintope is specialized in blockchain technology and we focus on development of blockchain-based systems for both FinTech and non-FinTech sectors.
We are committed to the research and development of the public blockchain, the technology at the heart of Bitcoin. We aim to provide products and services that will benefit society and make the blockchain a more trustworthy and user-friendly place. We hope that our efforts will lead to a future where both individuals and companies can interact directly utilizing more direct trust relationships, and we believe that this will help lead to the construction of more completely optimized social infrastructure.

We are hiring!

1) Blockchain engineer - blockchain protocol development
2) Blockchain engineer - blockchain application & product development
3) Business development director / manager