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Tapyrus Protocol: Introducing “Governance Layer” in the Open Network

Tapryus is a hybrid blockchain which has solved the problem of both public & private chain by adopting a consensus algorithm called “Proof of Authority” (PoA). Two-Layer Structure introduces “Governance Layer” in the open network, which would be an ideal solution for many business use cases.

Solving Scalabitlity Issue

Chaintope’s proprietary technology enables to handle large volume of data

Blockchain Interoperability

”Secure Data Coordination Infrastructure” enables to securly connect with other blockchains


Building "Paradium" a blockchain solution for the supply chain sector

A blockchain based new platform focusing on Supply Chain Traceability

Building "Electrowise" a blockchain solution for the energy sector

A blockchain based new platform enabling P2P energy trading and REC trading

Second Layer Solutions

Building second layer solutions to help solve the technical issues of the current public blockchain and first layer protocols as well as preparing solutions for practical implementation.

Consulting and Proof of Concept Projects

Providing initial consulting services and PoC services for the development of future blockchain applications.

Social Capital on the Blockchain

Striving to build Masachain, a concept for visualizing social capital, especially positive social capital such as “contributions” or ”gratitude” and use these to create better social lifestyles and societies.

Aiding New Blockchain Developers

Providing learning materials and educational videos from blockchain Chaintope’s blockchain engineers and technical partners and helping to organize GBEC, a community of blockchain engineers.



Building blockchain into societies as a Blockchain Integrator

Similar to a ‘biotope’ for blockchain technology, our mission is to become an ecosystem and hub for the implementation of blockchain into services and business, while building social models enhanced by blockchain technology.


Trust the Protocol
The public blockchain has new trust systems built into its protocol. We believe that the greatest source innovation will come from trusting the protocol itself.

Create New Coexisting Axes of Value through Protocol Design
Through our design of the protocol, we create new value axes that aim to coexist, without conflict around current systems. The result will lead to solutions for systemic fatigue and the inconsistencies that exist within societies.

Empowering the individual to the center of societies
Although the internet has revolutionized life for people throughout the world, it can still give rise to inequalities. By integrating public blockchain and its autonomous decentralized concept into societies, we can ‘update’ the relationships between people, organizations and companies to realize a society that values diversity and empowers individuals.

Evolving optimal social resource allocation
Inefficiencies and waste can still exist even in our modern, highly computerized societies. By building the public blockchain into societies, we can make the existing state of capitalism even more prosperous and efficient.

Creating a community of allies that share the same aspirations
Bringing together distinguished engineers and entrepreneurs that strongly support the societal implementation of blockchain, as well as the people who support them. In order to create innovation and improve societies, we aim to gather allies who share the same aspirations, regardless of their background, and build new communities.

Speed is essential, work toward borderless societies
Bravely embarking upon new challenges while pursuing the quickest path towards building blockchain into societies, without being limited by national or industrial borders. Respecting the forerunners in a wide variety of industries, and working together with them to materialize new values.

Mastering the Protocol Layer
The public blockchain brings with it a completely new type of online infrastructure. Continuing to explore and master its protocol layer will accelerate and expand its social implementation.

Dedicated to Open Source
The evolution of truly innovative technologies requires numerous contributions. Open source ethos accelerates blockchain evolution.

Connecting necessary things, catalyst for creating new values
Blockchain is a new fundamental technology that surpasses borders, values diversity and that can work with all different kinds of things. This means that in order to build blockchain into societies, It is essential to become a catalyst that can bring together engineers and business developers, skilled veterans and ambitious entrepreneurs, and innovators and established professionals.

Building Societies with Compliance, Fairness and Integrity
There have often been times when new technologies and systems have come into conflict with existing rules and systems. We understand this, and in order to correctly support innovation and revolutionize societies, we will strive to uphold our values. We will endeavor to conduct business with fairness and integrity, while giving due respect to the fundamental truths behind the rules of the societies that have come before us.