Original token/coin issuing platform,
high speed transaction on public blockchain

Inazma is a second layer solution which aims to create new business models
that combine the extended Lightning Network and the Open Assets Protocol


High-speed transactions
Aiming to realize high-speed transaction without centralized controller by off-chain technology of extended Lightning Network.

Utilizing the public blockchain to expand the possibilities for creating new business models with decentralized architecture

Inazma records transactions on Bitcoin blockchain which is considered as the most stable and secure public blockchain

Issuing original tokens
Enabling the issuing of original tokens by combining colored coin concept

Minimizing Transaction Fees
Utilizing off-chain technology to help drastically reduce transaction fees.

Potential Use Cases

Reward / Loyalty Programs
Aiming to help companies expand their customer base by incorporating reward / loyalty programs with Inazma and issuing original tokens. As a platform, Inazma has the potential to create a new model ifor loyalty point economies based on exchange functions between different point programmes.

●"Shared points" program

Issuing shared-points by multiple corporates via Inazma platform that helps efficient point management within the same point of economics.

●Indepedent Point Programs

Even small or medium sized businesses can fliexibly link their own independent point systems with those of other corporations via Inazma, helping to expand the local economy.

Digital Money and Original Coins

Digital Money and Original Coins
Technical issues relating to scaling and decentralization still remain when trying to issue new original coins as a form of digital money. Inazma aims to provide a convenient platform that helps remove these limitations..
*Inazma should not be used to circumvent any laws or regulations regarding the issuing of coins within the target jurisdiction. Issuers of tokens/coins must obtain legal permission from the relevant authority within their target country if it is necessary. Treatment of any tokens/coins issued is subject to regulations of the target country. Chaintope does not provide representation or any guarantee of legal handling of issued coins within any country.

●Original Coins

Inazma aims to provide a platform to allow points gained through different loyalty point programs to be exchanged with points offered by local businesses in different locations
Inazma may assist those use cases when simple and high-volume transactions are expected such as prepaid money, reward program, local currency, coupons, or payment gateways that can be used on the public blockchain while maintaining the level of decentralization. In addition to this, it also can be implemented to those transaction type where multiple axis of the value are treated under the same platform when treating some type of assets or valuables. For instance, it is possible to apply this platform to the trading of green energies for energy trading expansion by designing tokens for electrical generation and its consumption.

Furthermore, we expect that Inazma platform will be used for ICO for simple tokens.

* Inazma nor Chaintope does not encourage to proceed with ICO in the jurisdictions where ICO is not legalized or allowed.

Let the public blockchain come into its own

Due to its decentralized nature which eliminates the potential problems caused by the centralized control of data, the public blockchain has the potential to unleash new innovation. These innovations would affect currently existing business models and may even enable the creation of new types of businesses.
In addition, because the public blockchain eliminates the need for trust points, it eliminates the risk of "single point of failure" issues that exist within the current systems where a single entity is responsible for upholding the trust of the system.

The true value of the public blockchain lies within its ability to be both decentralized and trustless (eliminating the need for control by a centralized party),. and Inazma is being developed in order to bring the practical side of blockchain into everyday life.

On the other hand, public blockchain still has unresolved issues related to scaling, and Bitcoin is not suitable for trading assets other than Bitcoin itself.

Inazma maximizes the potential of the public blockchain, and provides a solution to these issues, while also becoming a platform which drives the creation of new business models.

Overview of Inazma

Even though when Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was created, it was intended for only the Bitcoins themselves to be traded as currency. As the technical basis of Bitcoin, the blockchain possesses a much wider variety of possibilities. For example, the blockchain can be used in order to represent the digital assets by applying "colored coins" concept, where tokens can be 'colored' to represent different assets.

However, although it has become possible to handle many kinds of assets using colored coins, the speed of transactions is still dependent on Bitcoin's main network, and therefore this method may not be suitable for processing large numbers of transactions.

Inazma enables the handling of these colored coins/tokens by combining the technical concept of "colored coins" with the Lightning Network, an upper layer off-chain technology that runs on the Bitcoin main network.

Inazma will continue to be improved through proof of concept testing during the first half of 2019 for both API and performance, with the aim of launching services that are backed by Inazma during 2019.

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