GBEC Overview
GBEC or better known as Go Blockchain Engineering Community is a community built to bring Blockchain engineers, thought leaders, movers and shakers of tech on a common platform to share and develop ideas and to bring reality to the world of Blockchain. As the awareness and adoption rate of Blockchain is still in its infancy stage, Chaintope’s aim is to make GBEC an ecosystem where information is transferred and a community of like-minded people coming together to further enhance the ecosystem while looking to develop new social systems that would transform lives.

Blockchain has its background in a number of technologies which includes cryptography, communications, and game theory. Our focus is to develop a network using these concepts as the primary target while gathering expertise from the GBEC community. As blockchain continues to evolve and grow sparingly, our aim is to develop blockchain through our engineering expertise bringing forth added value to individuals and corporations. The GBEC community would be proudly associated as a team of like-minded people coming together working and contributing their time and effort in building a technology that will someday make the world a better place. A vision which we hold close to ourselves and the community.

GBEC Activities
One of the main highlights of GBEC thus far is the hackathon which was organized by Chaintope and MDEC which took place on Dec 15th-16th,2018 in the Vertical, Bangsar South. The event saw 100 participants comprising students, professionals, startups, and corporates. The event was held to encourage tech enthusiast to expand blockchain technologies and increase the number of blockchain engineers in ASEAN countries by providing valuable resources and educational contents to its members.

The hackathon comprised 21 teams, a total of 97 participants. Participants were given three main themes with an option to choose and work on to create their minimum viable product. The themes include Smart City - Blockchain for Digital ID, Supply Chain – Supply Chain Tokenization and Insurance - Blockchain for the uninsured. The speakers of the event include Mr. Jaspreet Singh, Regional Technical Specialist of United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), Mr. Hariz and Mr. Calvin, Brand Activist and Project Management of Credit Bureau Malaysia and Mr. Arnold Aranez, Chief Executive Officer of Cendol. The two-day event saw the winners walking away with the grand prize of RM10,000.

As blockchain begins to mature, Chaintope is looking to train and hire more engineers to take their interest in blockchain technology and start developing ideas under the GBEC community. The functional role of engineers would not just be on theoretical research but also on practical implementation of nodes. By writing codes, one would be able to develop the blockchain. If your reading this and you are a software engineer, a tech junkie, a chief technology officer or even an IT student, your time is now. We are looking to further build the community.

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Pictures of GBEC’s Activities

Chaintope’s staff having a short brief with participants on the first day of the GBEC Hackathon

Participants glued on right from the beginning of the event

Speaker Mr Jaspreet of UNCDF delivering his opening presentation

Sheer determination from participants right from the start

Teams preparing for their pitch

and the fun begins with mind blowing pitches

Winners of Chaintope’s Inaugural GBEC Hackathon

Total participants that concluded the GBEC Hackathon