Using Traceability to Bring About a Paradigm Shift in the Business Sector

Paradium is a new Blockchain based solution that focuses on “Traceability”, to bring about a paradigm shift in the supply chain in multiple industries

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The Future Created by Paradium
The Innovation of Traceability Will Create a New Supply Chain Management Model

Visualization of the supply chain

Many industries typically have very complicated supply chains, which can lead to reduced transparency over the entire system. Huge investment is necessary when developing a centralized system, and the resulting system often tends to have less flexibility.

Paradium offers a solution that allows the product flow data in a supply chain to be tracked and traced. This data is securely recorded on the Blockchain, which provides full visibility and transparency. This will contribute towards the rebuilding of value chains, providing a new supply chain management model to companies.

Revolutionizing the way in which data is exchanged

Within enterprises, many kinds of data are kept and controlled using a centralized system created by a large, influential company in the supply chain. As a result, enterprises have been facing difficulties in the sharing of their data with other parties due to the “information silo”, whereby data sharing remains inefficient and becomes a huge cost burden to companies.

Our Paradium solution offers a data sharing framework which enables companies to share data in a secure and decentralised way using a common format.

Redefining trust throughout the whole supply chain

Our Paradium solution enables companies to share data securely on the blockchain, not by trusting a centralised system that is owned by one single company, but by trusting the blockchain protocol itself.

This will prevent over reliance on one single company, and redefine trust among companies in the supply chain, which will create a new framework for businesses.

By achieving the visualization of the supply chain using blockchain technology, Paradium will enable companies to provide safer food and products, which will contribute towards building trust with consumers as well.

Problems Solved by Paradium

Counterfeit Products

Many countries still suffer from an influx of counterfeit products. This can result in numerous problems within society, and can even cause health problems in the case of counterfeit food or drugs.

Our Paradium solution will bring visibility to the supply chain, which will help to detect and prevent the spread of counterfeit products. This will enable companies to provide reliable food and products to their consumers.

Product Recall

Product Recall is a huge issue for a number of industries, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers, and can cause a huge loss to all companies within the supply chain.

Supply chain traceability improves the efficiency of tackling product recalls in addition to all of the necessary related procedures, to dramatically reduces the cost which companies bear.

The inability to optimize supply & demand

ERP and EDI systems are not designed for sharing data with other companies efficiently, and in practice, data is not typically shared among companies at all.

Sharing supply information and changes in market demand will enable companies to optimize supply and demand, which will help solve food loss, waste disposal issues.

How Paradium works

Trace Back

Identify the origin of the products

When a product defect is reported by consumers, traceability will help companies to specify the origin of the problem!

Trace Forward

Identify the product flow

Traceability will help companies to identify where the defective products were delivered, and send a product recall notification to the recipients!

We have been conducting proof of concept tests and pilot projects in Japan and Southeast Asia that are targeted at implementation within the supply chain field. We aim to provide trust & safety to customers, and traceability in the Supply Chain will solve various problems in this field.

We are continuously conducting research and development to provide solutions in the supply chain field, while working on IoT related hardware solutions in conjunction with our partners.
Paradium aims to rebuild trust throughout the supply chain, and will continue to provide Blockchain based solutions in this field.




Energy (Oil & Gas)

For a demonstration of Paradium, or any inquiries concerning PoC tests or pilot projects, please contact us.