Chaintope Inc. (collectively “Chaintope”, “we”, “us” and “us”) recognizes that your personal information is your own important personal property. Therefore, we strive to appropriately collect and handle your personal information, and carefully follow any relevant laws or regulations. We take great care when handling your personal information, and in order to prevent or correct information leakage or misuse, we have outlined our principles for handling personal information below.

Please note that Chaintope does not bear any responsibility for the handling of personal information provided by the user to any third-party websites that have been linked to via Chaintope company websites or web services. Please refer to the individual privacy policies of any linked third-party websites for more information on how they handle your information.

1. Appropriate Collection and Usage
Chaintope collects personal information for the following purposes:

1. For the usage of internet-based services provided by Chaintope
2. For service user guidance and customer surveys related to current internet-based services and possible future services
3. For the improvement and development of services
4. For individual communication purposes
5. For identity confirmation and other correspondence when handling enquiries
6. For shipping prizes received through promotional campaigns and other events
7. For distributing promotional information from Chaintope and other third-party advertisers
8. For the creation of statistical data relating to service usage of internet-based services provided by Chaintope
9. For preventing activity that violates our terms of use

2. Appropriate Management and Protection
At Chaintope, we take great care when managing personal information. In order to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of information, we apply appropriate preventative and corrective measures whenever possible.

3. Entrustment of Personal Information
In order to accomplish the usage purposes outline above, personal information that has been collected may be shared to the extent necessary, either in part or entirely, with our subcontractors. In order to ensure the safety of your personal information when this occurs, Chaintope makes an effort to sufficiently screen and appropriately supervise our subcontractors while including confidentiality agreements in any contracts.

4. Provision of Information to Third Parties
Chaintope will not provide any information to third parties except in the specific cases given below:

1. With the consent of the individual in question
2. When required to by law
3. In any case wherein an individual has violated Chaintope’s user agreement and, after due consideration it is judged that personal information must be disclosed in order to protect Chaintope’s rights, company assets or services.
4. In any case wherein it has been judged to be necessary in order to protect human life, health or assets, and that obtaining consent of the individual would cause difficulties.
5. In any case wherein it has been judged necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and that obtaining consent of the individual would cause difficulties.
6. In the case that any government organization, local public organization, or any trustees of the above are required to cooperate in any activities relating to the enactment of any laws or regulations, and obtaining the consent of the individual would risk causing harm to the activities in question
7. So that business may continue in the event of a company merger, split, or business transferal

5. Joint Usage
When providing our services, Chaintope may occasionally use personal information together with our subcontractors. In this case Chaintope will publicly release information regarding the type of information to be used, the extent of joint usage, the purpose of any usage, and the names of the parties responsible for managing this information in advance of any joint usage.

6. For those Under the Age of 18
We kindly request that those under the age of 18 who wish to use our services please do so after having obtained consent from a parent or guardian.

7. Disclosure Procedure
Chaintope deals with requests from individuals regarding notifications, disclosure, revision of details, addition or removal of information, suspension of service, and suspension of third parties provisions (all of which will be categorized below as “disclosures”) related to the usage of personal information as swiftly as possible. Please be aware that it is necessary to follow Chaintope company procedure regarding all disclosure requests.

8. Disclaimer
Chaintope does not bear any responsibility in the event that an individual is identified as a result of them disclosing their own personal information to a third-party through the use of Chaintope’s services.

9. Compilation and Usage of Statistical Data
Chaintope may compile statistical data that has been edited such that the unique individuals comprising the data cannot be identified. The compilation and usage of this data may be used by Chaintope without restriction.

10. Collection and Usage of Characteristic Information
In order to provide appropriate services and advertising to individuals, the collection and usage of non identifiable information will be performed as per the examples given below. In addition, there are also cases where this data will be provided to advertisers, information providers and service providers for the same purposes.

1. Technical information that allows us to identify specific devices, such as cookies, logs, accessed URLs, content, reference lists and activity logs
2. Information regarding individual personal characteristics, such as gender, occupation, age, etc.

11. Revisions
Chaintope reserves the right to revise these policies either entirely or in part and any time. In the case of any major changes, these changes will be reported through the Chaintope company website.

12. Enquiries
Chaintope is dedicated to dealing with any enquiries regarding the usage of personal information. For any enquiries concerning the usage of personal information, please contact us at the address below.:
Enquiries concerning the handling of personal information

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