Redefine the Energy, Redefine the Future

Electrowise is a new Blockchain based platform, designed for energy industry, which contributes to the revolution in the energy sector

Eco-friendly renewable energy, local generation for local consumption and building robust infrastructure against natural disaster… these are the crucial topics which requires innovation not only in terms of hardware but also in software related to the process and supply planning from generation to consumption.

Chaintope has been working on R&D to apply public blockchain technology (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) to energy sector for the purpose of improving from software aspect. At the same time, we have been developing Electrowise platform for bringing innovation to the energy sector.

What future Electrowise achieves..
What future Electrowise achieves..

Achieving P2P Energy Trading
Electrowise provides a solution for the energy industry, which offers a marketplace where people can buy and sell electricity on the platform. It enables household to become the seller of electricity.

REC Trading and promotion of renewable energy
The platform offers a marketplace where companies which promotes green energy (such as RE100 companies) can purchase RECs via the platform. It contributes to promote renewable energy in the market.

Optimizing energy demand and supply
Offering a marketplace for buyers and sellers to transact energy will contribute to “Local generation for local consumption”, optimizing the energy demand and supply (reducing the social cost).

By using tokenization, one of the beauty of using blockchain, Electrowise will contribute to the reconstruction of a value chain in the energy sector.


What is the revolution going to happen in the energy sector
What is the revolution going to happen in the energy sector
  1. Fossil fuel is the main source of energy generation
    →Eco-friendly renewable energy will come to the mainstream.
  2. Energy industry is a centralised model
    →Solar power is getting popular and popular, and energy generation will be distributed. Local generation for local consumption will be the future of energy industry.
  3. Energy generation is monopolized by electric power companies
    →The trend of liberalization in energy sector will let generators diversify (distributed energy). Many generators including households will become the electricity seller, and play an important role which underpins infrastructure.
How it works
How it works

Generation data ・Consumption data are captured from smart meters and tokenized. Transaction and exchange of tokens are conducted and recorded on Blockchain.
Currently, there is a problem that it takes time for issuing RECs due to the complicated procedure; however, the application procedure and transaction process could be simplified dramatically by tokenizing RECs.

P2P Energy Trading and REC Trading
(Both include the feature of offsetting consumption and futures trading)

Electrowise platform will offer a marketplace where multiple sellers and multiple buyers transact electricity.
Buyers would be able to decide the best timing to purchase electricity based on the energy demand and supply.

Moreover, buyers could select the time and amount of electricity consumption, and make a deal with sellers in advance.

Electrowise platform will offer a marketplace where sellers and buyers transact RECs.
By purchasing RECs, buyers would be able to prove that the electricity which they consumed in the past, or the electricity which they are going to consume in the future, is actually a green (renewable) energy.

RE100 companies, or companies which are organizing events, could also purchase RECs for the PR purposes.

Usage of blockchain
Matching between buyers and sellers happen on Electrowise platform and transaction results are securely recorded on blockchain.

Moreover, transactions are handled in distributed network, which contributes to cost reduction.

Robustness, one of the characteristics of blockchain technology, plays an important role for developing infrastructure such as energy industry.

Without REC
With REC
Our achievements in energy sector
Our achievements in energy sector

We are conducting PoC (Proof of Concept), Pilot Project at smart cities in Japan and south-east Asia.

Countries, such as Japan, has the risk of natural disaster, and building a robust infrastructure to tackle the blackout problem is also a crucial topic for these countries.

We are continuously conducting on R&D in the energy sector, and targeting to work on hardware solutions as well.

Electrowise targets to redefine the energy industry, and provide Blockchain based solutions continuously in this field.

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