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Diffusion of block chain technology and research and development
chaintope Inc.


■ Contributing to technical evolution and expansion of Public-chain’s use case in its technology and service aspects, which has essential value of blockchain based on truly decentralized network.

Public-chain is facing issues such as scalability due to expansion of its users and increase of its use case. Chaintoe researches and develops base layer public block chain and second layer technologies which enables more secure and easy use without sacrificing essential values of public chain, and we also contribute to the public chain being utilized in many services by providing our technologies to public as well as implementing it by our own services.


■ Challenging to build the new social system with blockchain

The feature of blockchain which materialize the seamless time record of the transactions without centralized controller enables to share, exchange, and distribute the information in more accurate and secure way than current approach. We are committed to move the blockchain technology forward and support innovator who tries to change the social structure as well as driving ourselves to develop. 


■ Turning blockchain into a worldwide standard technology

We are committed to spread our knowledges, experiences, and technical expertise acquired through our own business to the public and to support the talent development with technical expertise in order to expand the blockchain use case to the world.