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Diffusion of block chain technology and research and development
chaintope Inc.


Company name CHAINTOPE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD.(1215808M)
Incorporated 16 January 2017
Team Director/CEO:Hideki SHODA
Director/CTO:Shigeyuki AZUCHI
Director/COO:Junya YOSHIZAKI
Business ・Blockchain technology development
・IT Consulting
・System development
Contact Us info@chaintope.com
Location Level 3, Vertical Corporate Tower B, Avenue 10,  The Vertical, Bangsar South City, No.8, Jalan Kerinchi, 59200, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




Blockchain technology holds the possibility to create new models for societal structures in developed nations by creating more direct trust relationships between people and businesses. The ASEAN community, where the use of mobile technology has become widespread and societal development is still progressing, is perhaps one of the regions that could most quickly embrace these new societal models. Malaysia is widely recognized not just as an economic hub among the ASEAN countries, but also a worldwide hub for halal products and services. These qualities make Malaysia one of the best locations for developing new technology to bring to the world stage. In addition to continuing efforts to standardize the blockchain and aid the growth of the Fintech industry, these conditions provide a suitable technological environment for further growth and development.


In order to enact the free and fair trade regulations issued by the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), new social infrastructure is urgently required to aid in the circulation of products, services, shares and other commodities. Using the power of blockchain technology, we at Chaintope offer solutions that will help build new societal systems founded upon more direct trust relationships. Building on the lessons learned through these endeavors, we hope to introduce systems that will benefit not just the ASEAN community, but also Japan, America and the rest of the world.