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Diffusion of block chain technology and research and development
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The testing and demonstration needs for Blockchain applications continues to rise. However, it can often be difficult to focus on testing when dealing with Bitcoin and other Public Blockchains, due to the need to deal with various system architectures, usage specifications and other important factors. Chaintope is Japan’s first Blockchain demonstration environment that manages to overcome these problems.


Chaintope builds a large network of nodes consisting of public chains (similar to the public chains used in Bitcoin) on a closed network separate from the Internet. You can add, delete, and connect the nodes with a single click, allowing you to build a demonstration environment that consists of a large number of nodes in just a few minutes. It is possible to connect these nodes to outside applications via the API and proxy services that Chaintope provides.


Since blocks can be generated at any time in Chaintope, time delays caused during transactions are minimal, allowing for simple and efficient testing. In addition, you can easily simulate various experiments which are often difficult to realize in the public chain, such as branching Blockchains and the “51% attack” problem. Chaintope offers a rich environment that supports smooth validation and operation, along with functions to save Blockchain information and snapshots of node configurations and functions to visualize individual nodes.



  1. Construction and management of Blockchain clusters composed of multiple nodes

  2. Basic Blockchain operations such as the creation of blocks and simple transactions

  3. Creation and publication of definition files and other assets

  4. Visualization and analysis of the Blockchain and transactions

  5. Acquisition and restoration of snapshots of the entire Blockchain cluster

  6. REST API and proxies allowing for external operation of nodes



  • As the cluster is built in a private environment, you can perform tests without worrying about obtaining virtual currency, paying transaction fees, data leakage, and so on.
  • Since blocks can be generated at any time, the waiting time during tests is greatly reduced.
  • Each node uses a Bitcoin core, so it is possible to connect to Public Blockchains such as the mainnet of Bitcoin.
  • We also offer consulting services to help overcome the challenges often associated with a new rapidly growing technologies such as Blockchain, and provide essential support during the verification and demonstration process.