Circularise, Marubeni, and Chaintope exchange views on the Digital Product Passport (DPP) for the Japanese market

 On September 25, 2023, at the Blockchain Awakening (henceforth BA)※1 in Iizuka, Fukuoka, Japan, Circularise, a leader in Circular Economy initiatives in Europe, Marubeni, a partner promoting the Circular Economy in Japan, and blockchain technology Chaintope, a blockchain technology company, gathered to exchange views on the DPP and its future development in Europe, Japan, and the global market.

Exchange of ideas held at BA with three companies.

 The background to the gathering of the three companies is the urgent need for European and Japanese companies to respond to the DPP proposed by the European Commission in its draft eco-design regulation, and the many issues that remain, such as specific requirements, mechanisms, and cooperation between Europe and Japan.
 Recently, Japan has started to formulate DPP requirements and conduct demonstration experiments. In order for Japan to lead the world in DPP and other areas of the circular economy together with Europe, it is necessary to understand the actual situation and future steps in Europe, where initiatives have already started, and to actively work with companies and industry associations to conduct demonstrations and verifications with a view to practical use.

 At this meeting, we not only shared the current situation, but also discussed a wide range of possibilities and more specific points in depth with a view to future development.
 The three companies will continue to exchange information and engage in discussions to create synergies and establish a presence and expand business in Japan and Europe.

Dinner after exchange of opinions on the porch of BA in the autumn.

 The three companies visited the shrine to pray for the success of their joint business.

Blockchain shrine dedicated to the God of Wisdom, dispensed from Chichibu Shrine.

※1 Blockchain Awakening (BA)
Based on the concept of “living fullness,” we aim to create a sanctuary for blockchain engineers where they can live in a peaceful, healthy, and secure environment, and to set up an environment where “both body and mind are healthy and can fulfill their true potentials.

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