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Chaintope Inc. begins collaborative research with the Malaysian University Tunku Abdul Rahman concerning blockchain implementation

Chaintope, through its subsidiary Chaintope Malaysia Sdn Bhd has signed an MOU with Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), a Malaysian private university, regarding collaborative research into the implementation of blockchain technology into a number of industrial fields. Based on this MOU, we have started conducting discussions into concrete research activities in fields such as insurance, agriculture and IoT combined technologies.

In 2016, Chaintope established a subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has been building research and development team, proceeding with proof of concept experiments and development of technologies and services. As UTAR has already begun a number of blockchain related projects and research activities, we have signed this MOU in order to bring together the expertise of both parties to help with the joint training of blockchain engineers and to proceed with the application of blockchain in various fields.

In the future, after the creation of a concrete research theme, we have plans to begin research activities on both the blockchain technology side and the potential issues concerning implementation of these technologies in the industrial fields that will become the target applications for this technology.

About Universiti Tunku Adbul Rahman
Universiti Tunku Adbul Rahman (UTAR) is one of Malaysia’s most prestigious private universities. It has campuses in the Malaysian cities of Sungai Long and Kampar, and offers educational programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in multiple fields, including: Accounting, Mathematical Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Art, Chinese Studies, Malaysian Studies, Business, Biotechnology, Engineering, Information and Communications Technology, Natural Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Journalism, Media, Early Childhood Studies, General Studies, and Social Sciences.

Location: Sungai Long, Malaysia
President: YBhg. Ir. Prof. Academician Dato’ Dr. Chuah Hean Teik
Established: 2002
Students: Approx. 20000

Jimmy Tee of Chaintope Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was talked on November 7, 2018 and it was posted on the university’s Website. The article is here.

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