New joint venture with Shinoken Group Co., Ltd. brings blockchain technology to the real estate sector

We at Chaintope are proud to announce a new joint venture with Shinoken Group Co., Ltd. Led by CEO Hideaki Shinohara, Shinoken Group Co., Ltd. are a major Japanese real estate company with offices in the Minato Ward of Tokyo, and are listed on the Jasdaq stock exchange under the code 8909. Together, we hope to develop revolutionary real estate services powered by blockchain technology.

chaintope press release (Japanese)  

Shinoken Group press release (Japanese)

Additional news regarding this joint venture was published in the July 5 2017 morning edition of The Nikkei as well as the July 6 2017 morning edition of the Mainichi Shimbun. Copies of these articles can be found using the links below:

The Nikkei – Blockchain and Temporary Accommodation (Japanese) 

Mainichi Shimbun – Temporary Accommodation Services Join the Internet of Things (Japanese)

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