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Diffusion of block chain technology and research and development
chaintope Inc.


Until now, the various systems that support our current financial institutions have all been built independently. When these systems are fundamentally different, this is not a problem. However, for systems where goods and services are commodified and sold, shared systems that operate using shared social infrastructure are more efficient.


Due to the success of open source software such as Linux, the sharing of software continues to increase. In addition, recent advances in cloud technology and virtual hardware have resulted in utility computing services which offer on demand access to shared virtual hardware. The various hurdles preventing the sharing of technology continue to be overcome. However, when it comes data and data processing capabilities, one of the main barriers preventing technology sharing is the need for individual management of the data. The blockchain, the shared technology that provides support for the circulation of virtual currencies is currently being recognized as a potential solution to this problem.


At Chaintope, we are committed to the research and development of the public blockchain, the technology at the heart of Bitcoin. We aim to provide products and services that will benefit society and make the blockchain a more trustworthy and user-friendly place. We hope that our efforts will lead to a future where both individuals and companies can interact directly utilizing more direct trust relationships, and we believe that this will help lead to the construction of more completely optimized social infrastructure.