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Diffusion of block chain technology and research and development
chaintope Inc.


「Protecting the growth of the public blockchain」

The public blockchain, the revolutionary technology that provides the foundations for Bitcoin has seen a large increase in both its user base, and the range of applications it provides in recent years. However, this rapid increase raises a number of technical and scalability issues which could limit the possible benefits that the public blockchain could bring to society. At Chaintope, we are investigating ways to provide safe, user-friendly blockchain services, while preserving the unique strengths of the public blockchain.


「Utilizing the blockchain to create new societal structures」

Blockchain technology enables accurate, secure record keeping and data exchange without the need for reliable third party intermediaries. This technology promises to allow for the sharing of large amounts of data in a way that was previous impossible using conventional systems. We at Chaintope are committed to performing further research into decentralized systems based around the idea of the blockchain. In this way, we hope that we can provide support to the influential players in numerous fields and help create and contribute towards the innovations that will help shape the societies of the future. 


「Turning blockchain into a worldwide staple」

In order to change the trust models and financial legislation responsible for our current financial institutions, there have been many attempts to rework current societal structures using the model of a decentralized system that the blockchain provides. In order to bring the technical expertise that we have developed to different communities around the world, we have been working to support the new generation of talent that will help support this new and exciting technology.